Ne·o·ter·ic /ˌnēəˈterik

Adjective: Recent; new; modern.

Noun: A modern person; a person who advocates new ideas.

Synonyms: modern - new - up-to-date - contemporary - latter-day

Neoteric was initially founded in 2006 by gallery director Scott Bluedorn as an artist collective, with the exhibition of "NEOTERIC: Young Artists of the East End" at East Hampton Studios in Wainscott, NY. This group show represented a selection of young artists native to the East End of Long Island showing their current work, many fresh from art school and in various stages of their budding careers. Neoteric Fine Art was established in 2012 as a physical space to continue this vision of showing young emerging artists in a spotlight setting, and strives to present new and exciting contemporary art within this context.

Scott Bluedorn is an artist, designer and illustrator  native to East Hampton, NY. As director of Neoteric Fine Art, Scott also  curates and presents multimedia experiments such as the "Amagansett  AudioVision Festival", and puts on numerous artistic and cultural  events. Scott has worked within the gallery and art world from both  sides, taking an active role in each. Scott studied at Savannah College  of Art and Design and The School of Visual Arts in New York.

Scott is currently curating at Glenn Horowitz Bookseller in East Hampton, while producing special projects under the 'Neoteric' banner.